Smart City solutions are elegant and technologically advanced, future-proof solutions that bring value not only for digital and wireless companies, but for cities, municipalities and their citizens, bridging the digital divide throughout the U.S. and the world.

Our solutions are important not only for historic areas like the French Quarter, but in Boston, Charleston, Chicago and Los Angeles and every city where citizens interact with technology.


Toro Blanco is leading the way with public-private-partnerships that solve deployment issues in ways that advance our society and do well by our citizens. 


We have the products, services, and partnerships to showcase Smart City deployments for the next century, future-proofing infrastructure and bridging the digital divide.  Toro Blanco is the future of Smart City Design and our mission is to do well for ourselves, our cities, and our citizens.



Working together to create designs that fit into the aesthetic and historic nature of cities allows us to improve the fabric that makes each city unique.

Let’s work together to make our world better.

A community driven approach with corporate levels of success.

Here at Toro Blanco we approach problems differently – our iterative based problem solving results in superior designs for innovative results.